YalaGo! is committed to ensuring your safety during every trip.

Before the trip


The app helps us provide door-to-door service. Remain where you are until the driver arrives at your doorstep. You will be notified when the car has arrived.

Automated matching

You get the nearest chauffeur available. We do not discriminate drivers or guests based on color, creed, race or location.

Chauffeur information

When you are matched with a chauffer, you see his name, license number, photo, and previous customer ratings.

During the trip

SHARE YOUR TRIP DETAILS: You have the option to share your trip details with your near and dear ones. They will know exactly when to expect your arrival, including the car/driver details! Live on the map, always! Follow your route on the app. You will know exactly where you are and which direction you are going in.

After the trip

Go Digital

YalaGo! strives to provide a cashless experience. You will be charged automatically to the payment method you chose during registration.

Had a good trip?

Rate us! You have the option to rate the chauffer and provide anonymous feedback on the trip.

Forgot something?
Contact the chauffer.

Your trip details, including chauffeur contact information, are available in your app, as “previous rides”.

Get round-the-clock support

Our dedicated customer support staff are available 24x7 to provide you any support that you may require regarding your trip.

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