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The YalaGo! App is now available on PlayStore and iOS.

YalaGo! is a platform that connects chauffeur and passengers. When you request a ride using your mobile app, a nearby chauffeur gets a notification on his app with your details and location. When the chauffeur accepts your request, your app provides an estimated time of arrival of your chauffeur. The app will notify you when the chauffeur is close to your pickup location.

The app also provides information about the chauffeur with whom you will ride, including name, vehicle type, cellphone number and license plate number. This information helps the two of you connect at your pickup location.

You can use your mobile app to input your chosen destination anytime before or during the ride. If you are familiar with the route, it may be helpful to direct the chauffer along your preferred route.

When you arrive at your destination your fare is automatically calculated and charged to the payment method (Credit Card/Mobile Wallet) you’ve linked to your YalaGo! account.

After completion of your trip, you have the option to rate your chauffeur. Chauffeurs are also asked to rate passengers. This helps us improve our services while at the same time keeping you and the chauffer safe.

You can request a YalaGo! ride any time of the day, any day of the year.

To use the YalaGo! App to request a ride, you must be 18 years of age or older. Those below 18 years must always be accompanied by an adult.

The YalaGo! App is designed for use on smartphones. However, if you do not own a smartphone, you may also request a ride using the YalaGo! website.

The YalaGo! App matches you with the closest driver available at your location. The App does not have the option to allocate a specific driver to you on your request.

The YalaGo! App does not provide you the flexibility to request more than one ride at a time.

You can request a ride for someone else through the YalaGo! App. Enter your friend’s pickup location and destination in the app and request a ride. Once the ride is confirmed and chauffeur allocated, you can take a screenshot and share the details with your friend. You can also contact the driver and let him know that the request is for a friend.

Please note: If you have mapped the app to your credit card/mobile wallet, the charge will be automatically deducted from your account.

We understand that there may be instances when you are required to cancel a ride that was already confirmed. YalaGo! will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel a confirmed ride. This helps compensate the driver for the time spent in traveling to your pickup location.

The YalaGo! App does not include a tip when charging you for your trip. You may choose to tip the chauffeur but this is strictly voluntary. Should you choose to offer a tip, your chauffeur is welcome to accept.

When you use the YalaGo! app to request a trip, we calculate the fare based on your location, destination, traffic conditions, estimated trip time etc. You may be required to pay a higher fare if you are traveling at a peak time or congested area in the city.

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