YalaGo! is committed to ensuring your safety during every trip.

Before the trip

YOU KNOW WHO YOUR GUEST IS! All guests are required to register on their YalaGo! App with their name, phone number and email address. All details are verified by the YalaGo! Team before confirming their registration. You know exactly who will be stepping into your car!

During the trip

MAP GUIDANCE: Not familiar with the destination? Do not worry! The map will guide you to the exact location where your guest is waiting. It will also tell you where they wish t go, so you can follow that on the map as well.

After the trip

GO DIGITAL! YalaGo! strives to provide a cashless experience. Your guest is charged automatically to the payment method they chose while registering.

GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK: You rate every guest that you transport. We review these ratings to ensure that every guest that you ferry is respectful toward you. Guests who violate basic terms of service may be prevented from using our services.

GET ROUND-THE-CLOCK SUPPORT: Our dedicated customer support staff are available 24x7 to provide you any support that you may require regarding your trip.

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