Getting along on a YalaGo! ride

Driver App


Enter your personal and bank account details to register online (first time only!)


Submit your driving license and car documents (registration and proof of insurance) at the Head Quarters.


You are ready to ferry your guests. Download the app, get on the road and get attractive incentives!


Your earnings and incentives are deposited directly into your bank account. No more hassles of a guest walking out without paying for the ride. And additional perks on fuel, mobile bills and more!

Be your own boss!

There are no shifts, no start time, no end time. When you are ready to make money, just open the app. You will automatically receive new trip requests, with information about your passenger and directions to their location. When the trip is over, you’ll receive a new request near to your present location. And once you have earned for the day, just sign off from the app to take a well-deserved rest!

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