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Please note: You must have a valid driving license and a registered vehicle in the country of operation to become a YalaGo chauffeur.

You can download the app on any iOS or Android device. Remember that you must register by providing all the required details and submit the documents at the YalaGo! Office nearest to your location to become a chauffeur.

To accept a trip request, please note that you must be logged in to the YalaGo! App. When a passenger who is near to your location requests a trip, you will receive a notification on the App. The App will display the personal details and location of the passenger and provide an estimated time for you to reach the passenger’s location. Once you accept the trip request, the passenger will also get a notification with your details and expected time of your arrival at their location.

Once you arrive at the final destination, swipe the red Complete Trip icon in your app. The passenger’s preferred mode of payment (credit card or mobile wallet) is charged for the trip fare. Your earning will be added to your weekly payment.

Once you complete the trip, both you and the passenger will be asked to rate each other on the app and provide feedback before requesting or accepting another ride.

Once the trip is completed, the app will automatically display the fare your will receive. The YalaGo! fee is charged to every trip as a percentage of the trip fare. It will vary depending on city and vehicle class. You will receive your payment every Thursday.

Passengers can use their app to select a pickup location and any destination. In case the destination is farther than you wish to drive, please cancel the trip. The passenger can then request pickup from other drivers who may be willing to travel the distance.

What if I meet with an accident? YalaGo! is committed to the safety of both the chauffer partners and passengers using the platform. In the unfortunate event of an accident, immediately:

  1. Check that everyone involved in the accident are safe
  2. Notify police and paramedics if necessary.
  3. Contact us either via telephone or through the App

 We will get in touch with you immediately.

Please review the specific insurance coverage for your city. Ensure that you keep yourself updated about the insurance coverage policies. 

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